Classic Premium Grade Tweed Era Replicas
Custom wound interleaved output transformers, voltage corrected and accurate power transformers. High density non tinted eyelet board, Allen Bradley resistors, Jupiter Red Astron capacitors, all hand assembled and tested to perfection, using selected pine and Finnish Birch for the cabinets. Tinted to a golden amber.
Note: Product specifications, availability, and pricing subject to change without notice.
Clark PenroseTM Features:
* Replica of a late model tweed Super®
* Normal and Bright channels, with common bass, treble and presence controls.
* My custom wound voltage corrected power transformer. No harsh tone robbing high voltages.
* My custom wound interleaved windings output transformer. Superb deep piano string bottom, with high end extension to give it that classic 5F4 acoustic quality.
* Tube compliment one NOS 5U4, two 6L6GC JJ, two 12AX7 JJ and one JJ 12AY7.
* Speaker compliment (2) Weber 10A125 10" speakers.
* All Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors.
* Jupiter vintage Astron replica capacitors, these caps really nail the tone of the original Astrons.
* Sprague electrolytics in the correct values for correct power supply ratings.
* Solid 22g cloth covered wire as per the original.
* Superb wiring and layout, with attention to detail.
* Handmade cab covered with the correct tweed and spray tinted for consistent coverage and matched to one of our many 5F4 Super restorations. Dimensionally accurate.
* The insides of our cabs are masked and taped before spraying to prevent tone robbing build up of tint and sealer.
* Dimensions 18.5" x 22" x 10.5" Weight 39 lbs.
Clark Amplification 10 Year Warranty
Clark Amplification warranties all it's amplifiers for a period of ten years. Parts and labor are covered with the following exceptions; abuse, misuse, and normal wear and tear. Shipping to and from Clark Amplification is the responsibility of the owner. Tubes, speakers, input jacks, and reverb spring pans are covered for a period of thirty days. Repairs and / or modifications made by anyone other than Clark Amplification voids this warranty. The warranty follows the amplifier and there is no need to notify Clark Amplification of transfer of ownership.
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